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Living in Port Grimaud

A small Provencal village full of colors offers all the advantages of a private city combining security, privacy and usability in a site created for boats lovers...

The team of Boutemy Immobilier Real Estate will give you the keys of this paradise.

This paradise is of course Port Grimaud !

Port Grimaud, often called the "Venice of Provence", is a private lakeside town located in the heart of the Gulf of Saint- Tropez, France. It is located in the town of Grimaud in the Var Department.


For its inhabitants, Port Grimaud is a paradise on Earth. The dream of a lifetime for others. It is only by having lived in Port Grimaud at least a few days, with a view of its channels, we can understand that.

Port Grimaud was conceived, designed and built by François Spoerry, a lover of the sea architect mulhousien In 1962, it acquired the marshy land on which he will build the lake city is perfectly integrated into the Mediterranean environment. The building permit will be issued June 14, 1966, founding date to give his name in the first place built , the "Place du 14 Juin". From July 1967 the first houses are made and lives in Port Grimaud can begin. Construction was completed in the early 2000s.

Thus was born a lakeside village facing the sea , with its colorful facades and Roman tiles, small streets with fantastic plots that follow the wind or sun, a place where every house is served by a terrestrial access and a dock where you can moor your boat : a vibrant city with its church, its shops and services (including a post office ).

Since 2001, the lake "village" Port Grimaud is registered with the label "Heritage of the twentieth century." This unique property set that spans 90 hectares totaling 2,400 units, more than 2,000 berths, 7 km of canals, 12 km of quays, 14 bridges over a wooden bridge and 12 islands.

Considered as a real village or a genuine common by many, Port Grimaud is actually a huge co- ownership, but has absolutely all the characteristics of a "mini- town", with its own rules of procedure.

Provencal "Venice" divided into three districts

The evolution of the construction of the city naturally distinguished three "districts" : Port Grimaud I, Port Grimaud II and Port Grimaud III , managed by three separate and independent trade unions.

Historically, Port Grimaud I is the first realization of François Spoerry and also the largest : 22 hectares land and 13 hectares of water body. 1,108 condominium lots, 834 mooring places with 250 public spaces reserved for passing boats or tenants in the year.

Port Grimaud I : managed by the union council owners

The union council of Port Grimaud I represents the owners and makes decisions regarding the management of this private area. It consists of six volunteer members elected for four years by the owners of the eight districts of Port Grimaud I.

The union council of Port Grimaud I was particularly attentive to the respect of the architectural coherence Site created by François Spoerry whether the choice of colors for facades or works that may affect the external appearance of houses or even shops. Any changes must be authorized by the trade association that surrounds to the advice of an architect. The city has a combination of information and advocacy owners.

Preservation of the environment and traditions

Quality of life and environmental protection are not forgotten either with ground transportation service electric cars or maritime transport residents which is also fully electric. Green spaces are maintained without chemicals and sorting works effectively in all areas.

The union council is also the guarantor of maintaining the traditions of the lakeside city including 15th of August, the feast of the sea and fishermen resulting in a so-called ecumenical church Mass St. Francis of Assisi that  illuminate the magnificent stained glass Vasarely representing the cycle of the sun. Following the ceremony, a procession of boats following the priest on board a boat, bless the boats moored along the canals to the harbor entrance, where he lays a wreath in memory of sailors lost.

Died in Port Grimaud in 1999, François Spoerry now rests in a vault of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi.

Died in Port Grimaud in 1999, François Spoerry now rests in a vault of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi.

Managing exchanges between people, boaters and visitors

Port Grimaud I welcomes many merchants, professionals in its three places : the « Place des Artisans » (where Boutemy Immobilier Real Estate is set), the Place du Marché, the Place des 6 Canons.

During the summer, street markets are held every Thursday and Sunday as well as art markets. Thus, as desired by François Spoerry, this condominium is also a space for exchange between land and sea open to boaters.

In a lakeside town as Port Grimaud, it is faster to travel by boat or by car or motorbike, which is why water buses, the barges are available for residents to move into the city.

The shuttle "Grimaldines" will get you to Saint-Tropez by sea from June to September.

To ensure harmony between owners, merchants, sailors and visitors, certain rules of living together apply throughout the lakeside village : non-residents are encouraged to park their vehicles in the car park outside which is reserved to entrance to the city, visit takes place on foot (bikes are also prohibited) . Proper attire is required, observe the tranquility of the owners is required as well as respect for the cleanliness of public areas. The display of the machine to passers or neighbors is prohibited. Dogs must be leashed. Are also prohibited within the city : skating and skate-boards, as well as picnics and barbecues.

If you plan on coming to visit Port Grimaud and the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, here is some advice to make the best housing and investment choices.

Rent a property in Port Grimaud

Real estate / Property in Port Grimaud is different in that close to 98% of residents are owners and only 2% of them are tenants.

In fact, Port Grimaud is mostly a holiday destination where wonderful days are spent, mainly in summer.

In addition, with its 2000 moorings, the lakeside town especially delights amateur sailors with its beautiful boats.

There are virtually no annual rentals, as is traditionally the case in France. We are very far from the average rate of owners in the rest of France: 57.7% in 2014, according to a a study by l’Insee.

In exceptional cases, we offer rentals for a minimum of 3 months, but this is rare. 

The properties for rent on our website, and for which we have the exclusivity, are thus advertised by the owners who stay there a few weeks per year and rent them out for the rest of the good season.

What does this change for holiday-makers?

A lot, to be honest. As there is often a difference between renting out a property exclusively for rent (investment logic) and a property which is sometimes occupied by the owner.
A house that the owner regularly occupies is actually often in excellent condition because the owners “invest” in this house. They decorate it according to their own tastes and do not hesitate to invest in the décor.

In addition, these owners are most often much more inclined to carry out renovation work, such as the rental properties advertised on our website which are often in excellent condition.
For the tenant, it is therefore reassuring to live in a superb apartment or even in a magnificent holiday house in an absolutely idyllic setting.

Port Grimaud is so lovely that each year, with great pleasure, we again see many of the same holiday-makers with their families or friends. 

You can find all our properties which are currently available to rent on our website under the heading holiday rentals.
To quickly find the property of your dreams, you can specify several research criteria, such as the property type (house, apartment, with our without mooring), its location (Grimaud ou Port Grimaud), and the size.
The dates available are indicated under the details of each of the properties. Then, all you have to do is glance over to see the weekly rates and to finalize your booking.


Rent a property with mooring

Did you know that what is today called the Gulf of Saint-Tropez was, for a longtime, named the Gulf of Grimaud?

And yes, it is indeed our charming village which long ago gave its name to what is today one of the most popular tourist regions in Europe, and we are proud of it! 

We are equally proud of the architecture of our little Provincial Venice whose architectural genius, François Spoerry was the visionary. While the Mediterranean coastline has never had much aesthetic appeal or heritage conservation, at the same time people enjoy the benefits of being next to the sea while admiring our tasteful architecture and environment.

Today, in a setting that will take your breath away, our village holds the label “20th Century Heritage” from UNESCO. It has also been proposed that 2400 apartments and more than 2000 berthing places will be built.

How luxurious! Almost all the properties actually have their own mooring.
Today, the possibility of enjoying one’s own mooring is without a doubt one of the major attractions of Port Grimaud. 

Boutemy, our realty agency, offers a vast majority of rental properties with mooring, whether they are houses, villas, or apartments. 

To have a look, go to the heading under “properties with mooring” on our website.

You can then refine your search criteria :

- holiday rental / sale
- type : apartment or house
- length of mooring

Certain moorings are situated, by a stroke of luck, at the rental property itself while others are a little further away.

Secondly, the rental prices of the house or apartment + mooring together are slightly lower.

According to your criteria and requirements, you are free to choose if the proximity of the mooring is more important, or if the rate is more important. 

The width ( from 2.5m) and the length (up to 18m) are indicated on each of our advertisements. Therefore, take into account these criteria in relation to the size of your boat when you confirm your rental choice. 

Also, under each advertisement you can tell the availability of the property. In green, contact us : you can stay in this property; in red, the dates are not available.


Vacation rentals in Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud is the ideal destination for weekends and holidays. Ensconced in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, our village, which enjoys mild temperatures and which is bathed by the Mediterranean sun, welcomes holiday-makers throughout the year, but most especially over the Easter holidays and All Saints Day.

Obviously, it is in summer that the village sees the highest number of sea-loving holiday-makers and beach goers. And many return each year, making a booking from one year to the next.

This is why we have wanted to dedicate this article to holiday rentals in Port Grimaud. You will learn how you can book the apartment or house of your dreams.

boat Port Grimaud

- Think about booking in advance

We are privileged to have many loyal rental clients. They do not hesitate to make a booking in November for the following summer in order to again enjoy the property that they loved so much the previous year.

Most bookings take place over December and August. Also, if you want to take your holidays from May to August, consider booking in advance to enjoy a wider choice.

Equally, we always have many properties available for rent, even at the last minute. Everything is available on our website, which is kept up to date in real time, but do not hesitate to contact us at +33 (0) for personalized advice and if you have specific requirements.

- Confirmation of your booking

Once you have selected your dates as well as your property, we will ask you to send a deposit of 25% of the total booking amount in order to fully confirm your booking.

You will then need to send the agency the balance of your booking amount 1 month before your arrival.

On the day before your arrival, you will be asked to pay a deposit (the amount of which will vary according to the property rented) and it will be refunded to you within 7 working days following your departure, after verification that everything is fine in the property.

- Duration of booking

In low and mid season, meaning for stays from mid-October up to the end of March, bookings must have a minimum duration of 5 days. More specifically, you could decide to stay a shorter length of time (a weekend only, for example), but, all the same, we would request a transfer equal to 5 days of the booking amount.

In high season, being the end of March to mid-October, the minimum booking length is 1 week and rentals are done in multiples of 1 week.

These rentals take place from Saturday from 17h00 to the following Saturday to 10h00.

Housekeeping takes place from 10h00 and 17h00 on Saturdays. As soon as your rental property has been cleaned, we will contact you so that you can take possession of the premises (thus before 17h00) but we cannot give you a time in advance.

In all instances, we do our utmost so that you can enter your house or apartment as soon as it is ready for you.

- Optional housekeeping costs for tenants

Housekeeping costs upon departure are not included in the agency fees, and therefore in the price of your rental.

If you would like to make use of this, you will therefore have an additional cost to settle (contact us). You can also settle the housekeeping cost up until the day before you leave.

We hope you enjoy your holidays in Port Grimaud. Our blog is devoted to news and organized events in our charming municipality.

Therefore, do not hesitate to read about it in the details as you will discover there  are many ways to enjoy our beautiful region.

Rent a fat in Port Grimaud

Are you an apartment owner in Port Grimaud and do you wish to rent it out?

Are you a holiday-maker, tourist and are you dreaming of staying in our Provincial Venice? 

Great, you have come to the right place because Boutemy agency has close to 20 years experience in the heart of this lakeside town and is your trusted partner for the rental of an apartment in Port Grimaud. 

- Apartment rental for owners 

If you only use your apartment for a few days or weeks per year, it could be wise to rent it out for the rest of the year. In fact, the demand for rentals literally explode between May and October, and you can therefore be assured of additional income.

Our website is one of the most visited realty agency sites in Port Grimaud and we are very confident in our ability to rent out your property over your desired periods.

If this is your choice, we would ask you to entrust us as the sole rental agent for your apartment. We believe we should be the sole agent for 2 main reasons:

- We undertake numerous marketing and sales initiatives (canvassing, YT channel, social networks, we have several websites, and partners such as
- For purely practical reasons, it is easier to be organized around availabilities of properties between yourself and us (Boutemy Agency) with third parties.

We will then draw up a rental agreement in which will be indicated the property’s availability dates (those where you do not occupy the property or where you do not wish to rent it out). Once these dates have been put in writing, you agree to accept rentals that we register during the periods of availability.
Making use of this procedure therefore allows us to ensure the best possible coverage of your availability. 

- Renting an apartment for holiday-makers 

If you would like to rent an apartment in Port Grimaud, nothing is simpler. We have designed for you an easy-to-use website that will allow you, in only a few clicks, to find the apartment of your dreams. To do so, simply visit our rental website under the section “Holiday rentals” and choose “apartment” or “apartment with mooring” according to whether or not you will be coming with your boat or if you’d like to hire one when you are here.

Each property has several photos as well as a detailed description allowing you to imagine yourself in your holiday apartment upon reservation : apartment size, number of rooms and bedrooms, area within Port Grimaud, whether or not it has a parking bay, and, of course, availability with regards to dates.

As soon as you have found the apartment matching your criteria and your holiday dates, contact us at 04 94 56 56 58 to finalize your booking. 

Moreover, if you have already stayed with us and once again wish to have fun next summer, contact us without delay as our loyal holiday-makers very often make bookings from one year to the next. 

Buy or sell an apartment in Port Grimaud

When one stays in Port Grimaud for the first time, holidays are so beautiful that one often dreams of owning a property in Port Grimaud.

You therefore have the choice between 3 areas (Port Grimaud I, II et III) and between various types of accommodation: houses on the one hand (the Balandrines, Hunières, Ostales, Cassines, Borderives, Portales and Fishing houses) and apartments on the other hand.


Buying an apartment in Port Grimaud 

Apartments are often smaller but are very popular as they have a major advantage : they also, in the same way as houses, often have their own mooring.

You can therefore just as easily enjoy luxury, safety and the peacefulness of Port Grimaud equally in a house as in an apartment. 

Because they are often a little smaller than houses, apartments can be much more affordable.

While our houses are sold at around one million euros on average, beautiful apartments from 2 to 3 bedrooms are accessible from around from 400 to 500.000 euros. 

- The price per sqaure meter of an apartment 

A website, les clés du midi publishes in June each year the property prices in port grimaud.

According to this site, the average price of an apartment in Port Grimaud is from 6 547€, compared with 16 202€ for a house.

You can therefore enjoy great savings by becoming the owner of an apartment and enjoying the wonderful surroundings of Port Grimaud and the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. 

- The questions to ask when wishing to buy an apartment

For every type of purchaser, there is a suitable property type. Also, if you want to buy a property in our lakeside town, the following are some questions that you should ask yourself:

 - Do I need a mooring?
- If yes, is it important that this mooring should be directly in front of my apartment or could it be a little bit further away?
- Will I be living in Port Grimaud throughout the year or only during the holidays?
- How many people will be staying in the apartment at any one time? 

When answering these questions, we can help you to refine your search. 

We hope to meet you soon, at the agency or over the telephone. But until then, you may want to consult our portfolio of properties in Port Grimaud. 

- Our properties available for sale

At the time of writing this article, we can suggest 19 apartments for sale without mooring and 11 with mooring. Our offers range from a studio of 26m² at  €165.000 to an apartment with a sea view at €790.000

To find the apartment of your dreams, call us or consult our website.


Villas and Houses

Now that the summer season has arrived, more and more of you are coming in to see us and calling us for advice on rental properties and even about buying a villa. 

As property experts in Port Grimaud for close to 20 years, we are able to guess most of the time what you mean by the term “villa”, but you should know that here, this term has no official definition.

If you have a look on Wikipedia, it is generally accepted that this term is “a dwelling house of a large size, often for holiday and pleasure”. 

Of course, the expression “large size” is open to interpretation. In Port Grimaud, I would say that when you speak of a villa, it starts from 80 m². 

Also, based on the types of accommodation in Port Grimaud, villas are most of the time fishermen’s houses, Portales and Borderives. 

In addition to the size, (you can select on our site a minimum size and a maximum size), you can certainly think that when you are looking for a villa to buy or rent, you’re asking for a “house of exception”. There again, the criteria are subjective, but most of the time, it’s a non-terraced house or otherwise, terraced on one side only, or a different shape from other houses in Port Grimaud.

Other criteria include a garage next to the house (which prevents you from having to park at the entrance of the town) or even a swimming pool. 

Amongst our villas currently available for sale, I suggest that you have a look at this villa which is 500m² and is equipped with a mooring of 24m,  this gorgeous house is 120m² has a 12m mooring, swimming pool and patios, or even this exceptional house with 4 bedrooms and a double mooring.  

And if for you, the villa is quite simply a house in which to spend the holidays, don’t hesitate to contact us because we have the property of your dreams :-)


Sell your house in Port Grimaud

Have you had spectacular holidays in Port Grimaud but want to one day sell your house?

Boutemy can assist you in quickly selling your property at the best price. 


- A dynamic and multilingual team

Boutemy agency was founded almost 20 years ago by Jacques and Chantal Boutemy. Their daughter Marion, who is in love with this area and is passionate about real estate manages the agency today.

Marion, who has a degree from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Marseille is accompanied by Yael, who has a degree from the Ecole de Management de Lyon and Marc, who has a degree from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Grenoble. The team therefore comprises of property specialists in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez who are experts, thanks to their superior education and in-depth knowledge of economics and management.

This dynamic team of thirty-somethings is multilingual and is therefore able to efficiently work with buyers worldwide. 

- A constantly changing portfolio of clients 

The agency is never short on ideas to find new buyers and has invested a lot to ensure maximum exposure.

Our advertisements are not only displayed on our French site, but also on our English site. In addition, all our advertisements are translated into German, Dutch and Italian.

We also publish them on specialist sites with a large audience such as and (rental website). 

However our initiatives do not stop there. 

We have recently published Port Grimaud by Boutemy Immobilier, a very popular magazine which has received much acclaim when published. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a copy.
Moreover, we very regularly publish new articles on our blog regarding news and property in Port Grimaud.
In doing so, each month we attract more and more internet users to our site. In doing so, the traffic to our websites has more than tripled in only a year.

In having more readers, it leads to more views. 

- Boutemy Agency, is a member of the FNAIM, a pledge of trust

Boutemy is a member of FNAIM, the Fédération Nationale of real estate, a group of property professionals who are at the service of real estate buyers and sellers. By adhering to FNAIM, we enjoy not only the strength of this respected institution (we are the only realty agent whose advertisements are displayed on their site, but we are also committed to respect a strict charter of Ethics.

For our buyers as well as for our sellers that we accompany, this is a sign of our reliability.
Our agency therefore does our utmost to assist sellers in selling their property in Port Grimaud under the best conditions.
We are passionate and hard-working.Over the high season (from mid-March to October), we welcome you 7/7 (upon appointment on Sundays) to respond to requests from clients.
Of course, we make a point of honoring of respecting very strict rules of confidentiality.
We hope to see you very soon coming through our agency doors.

You will also find all our houses for sale on our website and on our Youtube channel


Plan your holiday to Port Grimaud in the South of France

A very popular destination for lovers of the Mediterranean, sailing and holidays next to the water, Port Grimaud is a charming village where you can spend your holidays doing a whole host of things you love: festivals, thanks to the proximity to Saint-Tropez, sports or family activities and relaxing in unspoilt surroundings. 

With almost as many moorings as residences, Port Grimaud has been given the thumbs up by boat lovers.
There are also many activities to do in the vicinity and our residents also enjoy Grimaud medieval village.
To be quite precise, Port Grimaud is, in all reality, situated in the municipality of Grimaud in the Department of Var (83).

We have discussed the richness of Port Grimaud’s heritage and its cultural events in various articles on the blog. Also, we’ll let you have a read through them in order to prepare for your stay in our Provincial village. 

Now, we will take a closer look at the practical aspects of your stay: how to get to Port Grimaud, how to get around the village, what shops are available …

1. How do I get to Port Grimaud?

If you’re arriving by plane, you can land at one of the 2 closest airports: Nice-Côte d’Azur (1h30 by car) or Marseille-Provence (2h00 by car). If you are not taking your own car, you can rent one from the airport. You will need one when you’re here. 

2. How to get around Grimaud / Port Grimaud?    

Although certain areas are only accessible by foot, we would still recommend having a car available to make your trips that much easier.

You could also take the little tourist train, the bus or even the water taxis (these are silent shuttles which run on electricity, which is produced by solar panels installed on their roofs).

Similarly, there are regular maritime links between Port Grimaud and the neighboring ports (being Saint-Tropez). However, in order not to be tied down, most residents prefer to make use of a car when they are there. 

3. What shops are available in Port Grimaud?

For a hassle-free holiday, all the necessary shops can be found in Port Grimaud itself. You can also find several restaurants (café Telline is open throughout the year), clothing and shoe shops, a few bazars where you can buy all kinds of items, ice cream vendors, boat hire agencies, realty agencies and also a bank, a tobacco merchant, a grocer and a supermarket. 

4. Where can I do shopping in Port Grimaud?

As we have just mentioned, you can shop at Port Grimaud’s supermarket. But you can also do your grocery shopping at Géant Casino de la Foux (5 minutes from Port Grimaud) or even at Leclerc in the neighboring village of Cogolin (8 minutes by car).

For vegetables, we advise Grand Frais de Cogolin and definitely the Provincial markets. The market is held twice a week in one of the following villages : Grimaud, Port Grimaud, Saint-Tropez, Sainte Maxime, Cogolin, Ramatuelle… 

Here is some practical advice to prepare for your stay in Port Grimaud. If you have other questions, do not hesitate to ask us by commenting and we will write more articles in response.